Jenazah Information

What to do in an event of a death (Islamic Edition)


1. Contact your preferred funeral director.

They will contact a doctor to certify death.


2. Be steadfast and patient.

The funeral director will arrange for a burial spot with the appropriate council.

They will also make arrangements with the mosque for wash and prayer.


3. Await transport to the masjid.

Funeral director will transport the deceased to the masjid for wash and prayer.

Masjid will assist the process where necessary.


4. Burial.

Once all rites are completed, the deceased will be transported by the funeral director for burial.
Please note that Masjid ar-Rukun does not affliate with any funeral directors. We only provide facilities for step 3. If there is no designated Imam, our local Imam can assist with the Islamic rites where necessary. A donation of $400 is required for the use and maintenance of our facilities.

Please contact Sr Shahida at 0431619710 for help or more information on this matter.

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Important Information

This is only a guide and is subject to change based on the individual circumstances. It is important that you speak to your funeral director directly.

Masjid Ar Rukun’s first point of contact for all matters relating to the jenazah process is Sr Shahida. Please make contact with her for further clarification.

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