Ar Rukun Mosque

4 Attwood Way Rockingham, WA6168 Western Australia

This is a religious organization with the aim to promote Islam and to provide a place for prayer for Muslim in and around the Rockingham area

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History of the Ar-Rukun Mosque dated back to 1994 when a group of  migrant Muslims residing in Perth started an association to look into the planning and construction of a mosque where Muslims in the area could congregate. It was a massive effort by these pioneers who not only possessed the drive and determination but also made personal sacrifices to ensure their dream became a reality. On 23 June 1995, Ar-Rukun Harmony Incorporated was registered. Through their hardwork, dedication in raising funds and their strong determination and resilience in overcoming obstacles, the Ar-Rukun Mosque was finally built. 1998 marked the official opening of the Ar-Rukun Mosque at 4 Attwood Way Rockingham.

With the mosque standing tall amongst the other religious organizations surrounding it, Ar-Rukun became a centre for the Muslims in the area to congregate which was in stark contrast to their weekly congregation at the canteen of a school in Cooloongup. The mosque underwent a major upgrading when the multicultural function hall was built with the kind sponsorship of the Sultanate of  Oman during the Sultan’s visit to the mosque.

The multicultural function hall is opened to both Muslim and non-Muslim organizations. Depending on the nature of the event, the mosque committee may decide to lease the multi-purpose hall for activities such weddings and sporting activities. Currently, the hall is being used by Silat Helang Putih, a martial art group whose members meet twice weekly.

Over the years, the demography of Perth, and specifically in the Rockingham and Kwinana suburbs has changed. There is an increasing number of Muslim families settling down in Perth’s south. The demand for the facility of this place of worship is more than before. Over the years, the various committees have adapted to these changes through various improvements and upgrading work. The strong spirit of community by the pioneers acts as a motivation as the the present community continues to strive for the betterment of the Muslims in general.  At present, the mosque is also undergoing massive upgrading to extend the prayer hall to accommodate the increasing jemaah. At the same time, other facilities are also being improved. This will not be possible without the support of the community.

The mosque also works harmoniously with the various churches and organizations in the area. This mutual co-operation is to ensure the friendly environment is sustained. The mosque also works closely with the Rockingham Council and various government agencies to adhere to all the regulations and requirements needed for it to continue to function as a religious organization.

The mosque is always looking for ways to improve its facilities and programmes. It welcomes ideas and suggestions.  The mosque always welcomes volunteers to assist with its upkeep and activities. May this House of Allah continue to get the support and generous donations by members of the public.

Ar-Rukun Harmony Incorporated

Address : 4 Attwood Way, Rockingham, WA 6168

Telephone number: (08) 95278633

To contact the Management Committee, email at

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History of the Mosque

The current mosque committee ( Aug 2018 to Nov 2020)

President             Br Azmizan Md Diyah

Vice President      Br Mahader

Secretary             Br Fariz Zainal

Asst Secretary      Br Abdullah

Treasurer             Br Suhaimi Mahsom

Asst Treasurer      Br Deli

Ladies Adviser      Sis Hanna Abdullah


Religious Advisor               Br Azizi Khalid

Imam                               Br Iqbal Abdul Rashid